Being Canadian, I have had to deal with training in some seriously inclement weather of late. This year the snow and cold has been in a word – brutal.  Some snow, slush, cold temps don’t bother me all that much but when a sustained “POLAR VORTEX” swirls over our heads for weeks at a time, pushes come to shoves.

Being Canadian I like to think of myself as coming from hearty stock but this, my friends, is Bullshit.

Maybe I should bring Earl Grey - HOT instead of gatorade?

Maybe I should bring Earl Grey – HOT instead of gatorade?

SO. For the past weeks I have been judging my rocks and hard places and have ended up doing short, interval and long runs on – YUP – you guessed it – the treadmill.

Before you say anything – I agree with you. You’re right. The treadmill is a soul-sucking, mind warping, bastard child of the Inquisition that is second only to the Pear of Anguish in it’s fiendishness. It’s all these things and each time it was a better choice for me than running out in the cold grey bucket of post x-mas shit that has been the weather around here until basically today.

Perhaps greatest among it’s ghoulish qualities, the treadmill is, in my opinion, dreadfully isolating. While we step onto one often sandwiched between two others in what can be a wide bank of “‘mills” – the disconnect is obvious to anyone. Personalized incline, speed, towel placement, time, TV channel sometimes, music ALWAYS, headphones in, ME, ME, MINE, GO AWAY, ME.

When I’m on a treadmill its an antiseptic speed exercise.  Get IT done as fast as possible and hit the showers and move on with the day. It’s pure work and the antithesis of why I run. While I feel I train as hard as anyone out there I do NOT choose to slave and the mill feels that way to me.


This past Sunday after one last Saturday long run on a treadmill – I finally could take no more and manned up to join my group’s Sunday long run. What a difference. Sunny, sweetly sarcastic frosty faces smiling at & with me as we loped along Lake Ontario’s frozen shore.  A complete pleasure and a feeling of reconnection with my tribe and my world. Joyful warriors all of us.


My steps were light and fine form found me easily –  effortless. That’s why I run – all that.

Spring is just around the corner and I can feel my rut melting away….with a little help from my friends.


Ps – Go F!@K yourselves treadmills. All of you. 🙂



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