I’m the worst RunBlogger – evah – 2014 ROUND UP

So I have basically been MIA on this blog since the spring. Life sometimes (often) intrudes on our  (my) plans but I was fortunate enough to get some SOLID running in this spring/ summer 2014.

I’m going to plow through the balance of 2014 so we can get present and get REAL ‘n’ Runny for 2015 Baby!

So. Here we go:

Pick Your Poison and ATB 30k 2014 – I had to skip these. One, I was out of the country for and the other I was injured

Laura Secord 100k. – This was a total debacle. I humbly advise anyone considering this race to get REALLY comfy with muck and ice-cold water. The morning of this race found me huddled with a few intrepid runners in howling winds and freezing rain with a start that was a cannon blowing and ushering us off into the cold, dark pre-dawn hours. We immediately got lost and a pack of us went about 3-4k off course.

This set the tone for the rest of the day. The course was barely runnable between amidst cement like mud, insane amounts of water, then ice, then hills. My foot completely froze at the 40k+ mark and I decided THIS race was not worth losing toes for. DNF.

Cayuga Trails 50 Mile – Ithaca, NY – This race is in a word – AWESOME. From top to bottom I just loved this thing. Ithaca is BEAUTIFUL (who knew), and an awesome town. The event is organized incredibly (Ian Golden is a ROCK STAR), and the trail is fucking TOUGH and wicked. From 12,000 ft of vertical gain to the deep amazing gorges to the badass, waist deep river crossings, its just too good. Got to run for a few moments with Chris Vargo (eventual winner and Nike Trail athlete), and Yassin Diboun (Inov-8 athlete). Swag at this race is awesome and they are pure old school class – only medals are given to the podium – awesome. Finished just over 12 hrs which for me, was a lovely trainer for VT100, and impressive considering I have NEVER chaffed like I did in this race.Crotch Chafe? Supersized? INSANE would be the word for the post run SHOWER.


Vermont 100 Mile – This was a beautiful event. Super well-organized with the best darn aid stations ever. I was really ready for this and went out nice and easy.

The quick version of this story is that I DNF’d at 84 miles. My quads were completely trashed and i was so tired at this point i was running into trees and off the trail.  My pacer who was connected to me through the race also pulled out of pacing me after 10 miles – he was supposed to pace me to the end (20 + miles). There’s a point in the race that you can see the finish line but have to keep going for another almost 20 miles, in the middle of the night. This is when he said – “Hey dude – I gotta get back to my dogs, sorry – see you later”. This wasn’t the reason I DNF’d but seriously, WTF ??? I pulled out not long after this at 84 miles. I was driven back to the start finish and who walks by me eating a burger ?? My FUCKING PACER. Sorry bud – you were really nice on the trail but that was an ASSHOLE move:). ANYWAYS. I learned a ton on this race and am SO grateful for my AWESOME wife who drive around the Vermont Green Mountains following me and meeting me – YOU are the BEST babe.

My key take aways from this were a) if you can walk – you can run, b) I will NOT DNF again because of fatigue c) I need to train more in realm of middle of night running, d) have my nutrition more locked down and e) – I NEED to get to know my pacer – well. Also – ZEKE RULES!!!!

Run for the Toad – 50k – I love this race. It’s fun and fast and well organized. I signed up spontaneously for this and enjoyed every autumn moment of it. Run it if you haven’t already.

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon 42.2 – Man that’s a mouthful. I decided to run the 42.2 on the Friday before the race – it was going to be a nice weekend. This race has top notch organization. 27,000 people regi’d, bib’d, started, finished, fed and exited with amazing precision.Good times.

That’s ALL – sorry for the speed and conservative details. 2015 will be a FAR better blogging year.

Special thanks to GENUINE Health for allowing me to be a Healthy Ambassador using their amazing Activ Sports Nutrition. Check it out here


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